Thursday, June 28, 2007

Timber Creek

Victoria hwy has considerably lighter traffic. That is the reason that I saw my first living kangaroos in these couple of days. The other I saw were dead, by the side of the road. Other road kill included some bird of pray, two thick and one thin snake, the famous cane toads (why are they so hated?) and a cat. The road kill can be seen from a distance by a presence of kites on the road. On one such occasion they were just starting a feast on a dead cow which lied by the road. I came close and stopped, hoping for an opportunity to make a photo of a kite in flight. But the kites all flew away, and I came closer to see the body. It was a dead cow with its lower jaw and eyes missing, its belly has been freshly open and inside it was half-fermented grass. A car drove by and I caught a surprising look of a passenger - "admiring a dead cow, that must be the case of necrophiliac sodomism", that's what she may thought.

Day 4: 179 km, Total 647 km.


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