Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Victoria river

The third day, the same direction, the same wind. In fact headwind has some advantages: cools you down and keeps the flies away. I stopped at Pine creek for a lunch, then pushed on until sunset when I found a bush camp near a railway line. During the night a car stopped near and two men got off laughing. It seemed they stopped to have a piss and saw my tent in moonlight. They moved on quickly, but I kept awake thinking what I would do if they attacked me. I don't have a proper weapon - even a pedal spanner is cut in half due to weight saving.

Midday next day I was in Katherine enjoying Thai meal and a cold drink. When I turned west into Virginia hwy the wind turned and is now blowing me westward. Sooooo goooood!

Day 3: 160 km, Total 495 km.
Day 2: 142 km, Total 335 km.


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