Monday, June 25, 2007

Adelaide river

It is supposed to be dry season at this time at yesr. Yet, the skies were cloudy yesterday and this morning and last night I heard rain dropping on my tent for half an hour. I hope I didn't read that travel guide upside down - it would be a disaster. The day started with a school example of not being able to decide. I cycled up to the turn off to Kakadu NP, then after covering 10 km I turned back to Stuart hwy, cycled up to Noonamah, had a beer and a deep thought, decided to go back, cycled again 10 km on the Kakadu hwy, turned back and finaly decided to follow Stuart hwy up to Katherine. And why all this? Because in view of current Australian prices, I have to spare every dollar and not to pay such luxuries as entrances to NPs. The rest of the day went in pedaling against the headwind, up to Adelaide river.

Day 1:153 km, Total 194 km.


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